Watch 2011 footage of the Alexandria shooter talking at an Occupy Wall Street event


James Hodgkinson, the man police alleged to have shot at least five including GOP Rep. Steve Scalise Congressional Baseball Game practice session on Wednesday, gave an interview to a St. Louis news station in 2011, WGN News' Ben Bradley tweeted.

In the brief interview, Hodgkinson argued the wealthy are taking advantage of the rest of the country.

"The 99% are getting pushed around, and the 1% are just not giving a damn," Hodgkinson said. "So, we gotta speak up for the whole country."

Despite federal attention, Occupy Wall Street was a peaceful movement.

A great deal of other information about the shooter has been reported about Hodgkinson after he opened fire Wednesday morning.

A 66-year-old home inspector from Belleville, Illinois, Hodgkinson wrote to local papers denouncing Republicans and allegedly volunteered for self-declared democratic socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders' campaign for president, though Sanders swiftly denounced the shooting. But he also had a history of domestic violence allegations, which researchers have noted is often a common factor among mass shooters of all stripes.