Gary Johnson For President: Do Not Settle For the Lesser of Two Evils


The internet is worried. "Scared" may be a better term to use. Why not both? The internet is worried and scared that a Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson (who expects to be on the ballot in all 50 states and Washington D.C.), will take votes away from Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. I’ve read numerous articles from around the web — some of which claim that Johnson votes will come from the Obama side, others claim they will come from the Romney side. Obama supporters are nervous about this because those votes that go to Johnson instead of Obama may be enough to elect Romney as the next president. Romney supporters are nervous for the same reason: Johnson’s votes may be siphoned from Romney, and could cause Obama to be reelected.

It seems that there are only a couple of reasons for voting this year:

If you don’t want Obama to be re-elected, you will vote for Romney. If you don’t want Romney to be elected, you will vote for Obama.

That is to say, people seem to be planning to vote not for who they really want, but instead for the person that they “don’t want less” — in other words, the “lesser of two evils.” To me, this is a very interesting and hard-to-understand way to vote for our next leader. I offer a simple yet elegant solution to this problem. The charts below should help to illustrate this solution. The outcome in all situations is the best outcome — you may call it the “perfect solution.”

As these three charts clearly illustrate, we have at least three choices this November. I encourage Those who are voting for “the lesser of two evils” to instead vote for “the better, non-evil” candidate — Gary Johnson. We need new blood in the White House — someone with new ideas (or at least ideas that make sense) who will work for us instead of corporations. Although the solution proposed here may seem silly, it really is this simple: do your research and vote for who you actually want.