Super Mario Odyssey: Pauline, gameplay and everything we learned from the Reddit AMA


Super Mario Odyssey has captured plenty of attention at E3 2017, with its swing revival aesthetic and body-snatching existential dread. It looks like something every Nintendo Switch owner will want to play when it launches in October, in other words.

Game producer Yoshiaki Koizumi is a longtime Nintendo stalwart who is only just now getting his chance in the spotlight. Thanks to a goofy Reddit AMA, we got to learn some more about the man behind the madness.

Super Mario Odyssey producer offers stances on sandwiches and pizza in Reddit AMA.


This AMA had a great deal of questions about Koizumi's inspiration for parts of the game, such as why Mario can possess enemies. His answers to those questions pretty much all boil down to "because it was fun."

The real meat comes in the form of goofy questions with goofier answers. Here's a short roundup of the best responses I found:

Pauline is the mayor of New Donk City because not every world has a kingdom.

Would he fight a horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?

Does pineapple belong on pizza?

Is a hot dog is a sandwich?

This is who he would possess if he could throw his hat onto people like Mario

It's not the most tantalizing Reddit AMA in the world, but his answers are all pretty charming. Koizumi seems like a fun dude and hopefully his Super Mario game reflects that same joy.

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