Hummus memes are the only thing pure enough to save us in 2017

ByElliot Kleinman

Its ingredients are simple, its recipe as old as civilization. Hummus may be your parents' favorite dip to complement a plate of crudités — but it's also 2017's most important meme.

The internet is cruel, but hummus memes are pure. They're about being yourself.

I'm entering college this fall, so naturally, the first thing I did was join my school's ironic meme group on Facebook. I'll be honest: I was disappointed. The meme page is too performative. It's filled with pseudo-intellectual posturing.

It's sorely missing one key factor: the wholesome joy of hummus.

The appeal of hummus memes

Like the chickpea-based food that inspires them, hummus memes are extremely versatile; they often build off of popular preexisting meme formats.

In this example, the crude "nut" button is replaced with "dip":

Another great one turns that annoying "tag a friend for no reason" meme into something joyful:

Hummus memes also play into classic internet themes, like '90s nostalgia:

And the current meme-like state of American politics:

Any avid Facebook or Twitter user will recognize these meme styles, but hummus memes bring a wholesome flavor to your day.

No, they're not about overeating

On the surface, it may seem like hummus memes are about decadence and gluttony; that's just false. The subtext is clear. Hummus memes are about celebrating what makes you unique and not allowing anyone to harsh your mellow or stop you while you do the thing you love.

Hummus memes may be the wholesome voice of our generation

Millennials take a lot of flak for destroying industries like cereal, golf and napkins. We spend money on avocado toast instead of houses. We're supposedly lazy and entitled and self-absorbed.

Hummus memes know better. They champion our generation. All they ask is for the world to let us live.

So, look: Eat four tubs of hummus if that's your dream. Buy avocado toast. Make your own decisions and be proud of them. The Hummus Memes Facebook page — and its 111,000 followers — will always have your back.