'WWE 2K18' was absent from E3, but it shouldn't be cause for alarm just yet


WWE video game fans are probably wondering where 2K was during the 2017 Electronic Entertainment Expo. 

WWE 2K18 had no presence at the show, and these days that sort of absence can cause a panic. Take a look at these tweets from Smackdown Hotel and RoyalBoss:

It's true, last year 2K had already announced their pre-order bonus reward, Goldberg, and even had an art exhibition at E3 with Rob Schamberger. This year, 2K has yet to release any information on WWE 2K18.

We do know the game is going to be released in its normal fall slot, but a lack of communication with the community is a little strange. 

WWE 2K18's E3 Absence: There's no need for panic

At this time last year, WWE 2K had no gameplay available yet. The pre-order reveal was more like a movie trailer. Obviously, we didn't get any gameplay from the art exhibition, and even the Brock Lesnar cover reveal — which didn't happen until June 27 — didn't feature any in-game footage or gameplay.

There was an announcement for the NXT edition in July, but still no gameplay. 

The first in-game footage wasn't shown until Aug. 3, 2016, when Lesnar's entrance video was revealed. Entrances are awesome, but it's not gameplay. The first gameplay video was posted by IGN on Aug. 16.

There's still a full two months to go before we reach that part of 2017. Traditionally, the major reveals take place just before, during or after SummerSlam, which doesn't take place until Aug. 20

I'd expect to see meaningful information and footage closer to that time. 

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