Scientists identify sea creature that looks exactly like human penis, internet can't contain itself


Scientists have identified a new species of deep sea worm that bears a truly uncanny resemblance to a human penis, and Twitter has taken notice. The worm in question is called a peanut worm, and according to the International Business Times, it dwells in an abyss off of Australia's eastern coast with a handful of other alien sea beasts.

Researchers dredged up the phallic creature during an expedition to the sea floor, which is apparently strewn with trash. According to IBT, scientists had hoped that their haul would ignite public interest in what's going on down there.

So far, it seems, the peanut worm has hijacked a conversation that maybe could've been about conservation, if the little monster weren't shaped the way it is.

When threatened, the worm reportedly retracts its mushroom cap head into the shaft of its body and looks like a peanut. At all other times, it looks like a penis — at least according to the very mature commentators of Twitter, who were unable to contain themselves.

For the record, it is called a peanut worm. Not a penis worm. Got it? Good.