'Pokémon Go' Update: New AR features come to life in amazing fan-made concept art


The 2017 Apple Worldwide Developer's Conference has come and gone. Although it was briefly speculated that Pokémon Go might get a little stage time at the event, presumably to promote Apple's new ARKit software, this was quickly squashed as soon as it was brought up.

Along with the now-official gym overhaul and the remaining days of the Fire and Ice event, a fan has mocked up some AR concepts for Pokémon Go. You can check them out below.

Pokémon Go update: Albert Choi's AR mockups look extremely good, and use Apple's ARKit

Albert Choi, a Vancouver-based product designer, decided to use ARKit himself to design some new features for Pokémon Go after being underwhelmed by the ARKit preview at WWDC 2017, which used Niantic's mobile game.

Choi "previewed" an Interact feature that would allow trainers to interact with Pokémon outside of battle, including feeding them berries — something that's being included in the new gym update — and the ability to give them held items, like the Black Belt, to power them up.

Albert Choi/Medium

Choi's ideas for an Interact feature would allow for trainers to groom and feed their Pokémon, evolve them from the interact screen and switch the graphic of which Pokéball your Pokémon uses when it comes out to hang with you in AR.

Albert Choi/Medium

It's worth noting that Choi's mockups look great, especially his items for Pokémon that aren't in the game yet, which he's adapted for this new preview from a previous Pokémon Go post he'd made.

Albert Choi/Medium

Although Choi's work with ARKit are fan-made and not likely to implemented into the game, it's an exciting peek into what Niantic may be able to achieve with Apple's new ARKit.

Choi's mockups also propose options for players who are less interested in the battle aspect of the game itself. It's something that Niantic might want to consider exploring as the game goes on. After all, grooming our little monsters was one of the best parts of Pokémon Sun and Moon, so why should the 3DS have all the fun?

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