Top 4 Reasons to Vote For Barack Obama


Barack Obama is the best choice to lead the country forward for the next four years. For me the reasons are clear. Here are the four most important:

1. Economy 

This would top most people's list, of course. I do think that the economy and politics have a cause and effect relationship, where the economy has been given undue focus as of late, but that is besides the point. I'm a Keynesian at heart. I am one of those people who supported the stimulus, and think it should have been bigger. I think Wall Street could do with more regulation and scrutiny. I also support a strong safety net for the poor. I am also a person that supports higher taxes on the wealthy and upper middle-class (gasp) to bolster that safety net as well as infrastructure upgrades. There are a lot of expansions and qualifications to my reason for voting for Obama, but you may as well frame me as a tax-and-intelligently-spend Democrat.

2. Foreign Policy

I support a shift of our military capabilities into Southeast Asia as that region grows economically while at the same time facing a bullying China. Obama is doing that. I support a timeline in Afghanistan as and I supported pulling out of Iraq. I think his handling of Libya was a perfect opportunity to share responsibility as well as risk with allies in a tricky situation. If Iran were to actually be on the brink of getting a nuclear bomb I would trust Obama over Romney.And besides, Romney has literally nearly no foreign policy experience and if his advisers look an awful lot like Bush's, that's because they were.

3. Social Policies

It's not so much that I support gay marriage and am pro-choice, it's more so I genuinely don't know what Mitt Romney thinks about these issues. His views on them change depending on the election he is in. So I'd rather support someone that I know agrees with me than for someone who either might agree with me and not show it or might disagree with me and act on it.

4. Immigration

I am pro-immigration. If you aren't a criminal,I have no problem with you coming here. I think warnings of cartel violence coming over the border are over-exaggerated. I support the DREAM Act. I see immigration as the flow of human capital and the freer that flow the better for me. The process should be stream-lined and I even support amnesty for all current non-criminal undocumented immigrants so we can start from scratch. I think border security is largely a symbolic waste.