'Pokémon Go' Gym Update: When will gyms come back? Here's what we know.


The Pokémon Go anniversary update has heralded a lot of exciting events, but the most exciting has been the promise of a gym overhaul. Gyms went offline yesterday in preparation for the update, but we're already wondering when they'll be back.

If you're dying to know when you can start putting your Blisseys and Dragonites back into gyms, unfortunately it might be a little while before the big gym update hits.

Pokémon Go gym update: Gyms will come back when they're ready, and not before

Shortly after the announcement of what exactly the gym overhaul was going to entail, the official Pokémon Go Twitter account announced that gyms were offline and that any Pokémon defending gyms would be returning to their trainers.

The unfortunate detail about this announcement that you may have noticed is that there's no timeframe specified. Although we've been anticipating the gyms going down for a little while, it's hard not to be a little nervous about this. Other Niantic announcements fail to shed light on when exactly we might see our new and improved gyms come through. The anniversary event post merely states: "In preparation for these exciting features, we’ll be temporarily disabling Gyms for a short period of time."

At bare minimum, it's likely that these changes will go into effect well before the Pokémon Go Fest takes place in Chicago on July 22. This seems reasonable to expect given that the event in Grant Park promises to allow trainers to work together in order to accomplish missions and challenges, but it's too soon to say, given that more information about these challenges has yet to surface.

For right now, the most trainers can do is train up some new Pokémon and hope that gyms come back sooner rather than later.

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