'Pokémon Go' iOS Update: What time will new gyms and raids come to iPhone and iPad?


We already know the next Pokémon Go update is set to bring some of the biggest changes to the game yet: an updated gym system, the option of raids, new items and an improved user interface. In addition to these shiny new updates, there will be new rules. Notably, each of a gym's Pokémon must be different, which means no more gyms full of Dragonites.

Android devices have started getting the new PoGo update, but iPhone users can't say the same. Which leaves us with the question: What time will the Pokémon Go update for iOS come to your Apple device?

Update: The new iOS version of Pokémon Go appears to be rolling out now. If it's still not updated on your phone check the App Store.

The Pokémon Go update: Live for Android users, but iOS will have to wait

We first got a glimpse of raids in Pokémon Go in the first trailer, before the game even released. Only one problem: iOS users have yet to receive the latest PoGo update. What gives?

Between Google's Play Store and mirrors online, Android users have options for downloading the new update. The same can't be said for iOS. This may have to do with Apple's app approval process. If Niantic sends the finished version of the app to both stores at the same time, it will be available for download on Android before Apple.

Pokémon Go update: Apple may be holding up the update, so stay tuned

It's impossible to say when exactly Apple will bring the updated version of Pokémon Go to their App Store. While new apps tend to appear midday, app updates are more sporadic.

With an app as popular (and profitable) as Pokémon Go, however, Apple may want to bring the update to the store sooner rather than later. Pokémon Go's solstice event has been extended by a day, so that will be good to capitalize on. But this is also in Apple's best interest because, well, they make money off this thing too.

The current version on iTunes still reads as 1.33.4, unlike the 1.37.1 version Niantic promises. We'll update this post as the new version makes its way to Apple's App Store.

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June 21, 2017, 12:58 p.m.: This story has been updated.