'Game of Thrones' season 7 spoilers: Not even Jon Snow is safe this year


If one thing is true about Game of Thrones, it is that any given character can die at any given time. It doesn't matter if the series appears to revolve around that character or if he or she is one of the few beacons of light.

Fans of the HBO series have long learned not to get too attached to anyone. But seriously, if anybody in Westeros were completely safe, surely it would be Jon Snow, right? After all, he did just come back to life in season six. Well, apparently even the current King of the North could soon perish.

In an interview with SFX Magazine (via Digital Spy) Kit Harington, the actor who plays Jon Snow, revealed that like everyone else, his character could die at any moment.

"I felt safe in season six because I thought it would be bad storytelling to kill me in the [same] season I'd been resurrected," Harington told SFX magazine.

"But as for seasons beyond six, it's back to business. [Jon Snow is] in mortal danger like anyone else."


Harington's statements are hardly confirmation that Jon Snow will actually die in season seven or eight of the HBO show. In fact, the general consensus among fans, especially those on Reddit who are more often than not correct, is that Snow is one of the leading candidates to finish the series alive and perhaps even end up on the Iron Throne (especially given his parentage).

Fans of the series that do not read the books and try to stay way from spoilers on the internet, though, are probably much less sure of Snow's possible survival. After witnessing the death of so many Starks in past seasons, there is likely no reason to believe that Jon Snow couldn't be the next victim. If the Red Wedding can happen, nothing is off limits.

It certainly sounds like there will be more than a few tense moments next season and beyond. And again, on Game of Thrones, nobody is really safe. So, enjoy every moment you get with Jon Snow. It could be his last.

Game of Thrones returns on July 16 at 9 p.m. Eastern on HBO.

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