GameStop Nintendo Switch Stock: Non-bundled units will be available soon. Here's how to get one.


The Nintendo Switch stock situation is in constant flux, but less so at GameStop. Most retailers sell their Nintendo Switch supply in nanoseconds, but GameStop tends to have stock for slightly longer. Why? The answer is bundles. GameStop is known for trapping their Switch stock inside pricey packages — or at least they used to be.

GameStop is getting a fresh supply of Switch units, and you'll be able to buy them individually — no extra games or memory cards attached. Here's what we know.

Nintendo Switch stock: GameStop will soon let you buy the console by itself

GameStop announced that more Nintendo Switch units are on the way. "This just in, select GameStop stores across the country will be receiving additional Nintendo Switch consoles for purchase," the company said in a press release.

GameSpot reported that the hardware will come to GameStop stores next week, but according to Forbes, you may want to start checking local stores for the device right away.

The standalone Nintendo Switch units will come to select stores but, unfortunately, will only be available in person. Online, GameStop continues to sell the Switch in bundles only.

Nintendo Switch stock: How to make sure you get a console

Use GameStop's store locator to find a location near you. Then call the closest ones and scope out the situation. If they have units, it's doubtful they will let you put one on hold — expect it to be first come, first served.

If a GameStop location near you has a Switch, you'll want to run over and snag it ASAP before they run out of stock. Though if your pockets are deep enough and you plan on buying Arms anyway, the bundle route is always available to you.

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