'Pokémon Go' Gym Under Attack: Update adds a new glitch. Here's how to fix it.


In the latest update for Pokémon Go, Niantic introduced a massive overhaul to the gym system. The update is now live, and it seems like the company succeeded in restructuring the gym system. But, as is usual with any large-scale overhaul, it seems some glitches have appeared in the game.

To that effect, players are receiving alerts that a gym is "under attack" as they try to place a Pokémon in it. If you've experienced this glitch and are looking to avoid it, we've got some tips on how to stop it from happening in Pokémon Go.

Pokémon Go gym update: What to do if you get the "under attack" glitch

According to Heavy, this glitch tends to appear after trainers take a gym and begin to place Pokémon into it. Some trainers will receive a message saying the gym is still "under attack," and won't be able to place their Pokémon. If this happens, Heavy recommends force quitting the application and re-opening it. That's the most time-effective way to fix the glitch, but you've got other options if that doesn't work out.

You can also travel to another gym nearby and interact with it. Players report that glitched gyms sometimes return to normal after they do this. If that doesn't work, you might be stuck waiting for a little while. As Heavy reports, glitched gyms sometimes return to normal after 10 minutes pass. This isn't ideal of course, since you might lose your spot in the gym if you wait this long.

Heavy also notes that spinning the photo disc atop the gym — something that Niantic added to gyms during the update — may cause the glitch. Heavy recommends waiting until after you've placed your Pokémon to spin a gym's photo disc to avoid this. Additionally, if this happens after your team has taken over a gym, it helps to ensure all trainers are in battle when the last Pokémon gets knocked out. A poster on the Silph Road also recommended coordinating the placement of new Pokémon with fellow trainers.

Hopefully, it won't take Niantic too long to get the kinks ironed out. Until then, your best bet is to try these quick troubleshooting tips and hope someone doesn't snipe your spot in the meantime.

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