How to use the Snapchat Map while everyone else continues to be confused about it


Snapchat announced Wednesday that iOS and Android users have access to a new feature: Snap Map. The feature lets users see what others are doing around the world by exploring shared snap stories based on location.

To use Snap Map, first update your app to the latest version. Then open the application and go to the main camera screen. Simply pinch the screen to zoom out from the main screen and the Snap Map feature will pop up.

The first time you use it, you’ll be asked to select who can view your location on the Map: Ghost mode (only you), Your Friends or Select Friends. If your friends share their location with you, you can see their "Actionmoji" — a new type of Bitmoji — on the map on or near their geographic location.


When you pull up the Snap Map, a round thumbnail with accompanying text will show hotspots of what is happening near where you are, and it lets you explore other areas as well. To contribute to the story, you can take a snap and then add it to “Our Story” so that it has a chance (it is not guaranteed) to make it to the Snap Map. Stories are available there for roughly 24 hours.


And you’ll also notice there's a "heat map," as red spots show where lots of people are snapping. This will help you find out when something is happening live — such as a cool event or some breaking news — or even help you identify a really touristy location like Times Square to facilitate curating your exploration. According to Snapchat, the snaps are sorted through advanced machine learning techniques.

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