‘Final Fantasy 15’ Update 1.12: Patch adds off-road Regalia Type-D, preparations for Episode Prompto


The newest Final Fantasy 15 update — version 1.12 — is available now. It's added a brand-new mod for the Regalia that lets you hop the highway guard rails and drive entirely off road.


Here's a GIF of the suped-up Regalia Type-D in all its beefy glory, courtesy of NeoGAF user SunhiLegend:


If you want to equip this new modification, you can do so at the garage in Hammerhead.

The new patch also includes a handful of bug fixes and a compatibility update in anticipation of Tuesday's release of the new DLC, Episode Prompto.

The full patch notes for version 1.12 — which, according to Reddit user fotmhero, will take up 8.65 gigabytes — are embedded below.

Final Fantasy 15 update 1.12 patch notes

• Implementation of Regalia Type-D off-road customization option (available at Hammerhead)

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