Can't download iOS 11 public beta? Having trouble installing it? Here's a quick fix.


Praise be: The iOS 11 public beta release is here. Apple's new mobile operating system is finally available to the rest of us — well, those of us willing to tolerate potentially buggy and battery-draining pre-release software. But you're the type of iPhone geek who's fueled by a robust tech FOMO, lusty and anxious for the next big thing, right? Say no more. Here's how to download iOS 11 — and troubleshoot it, too, if you're having installation issues.

How to download iOS 11 public beta

Apple actually makes downloading iOS 11 really easy, but there are a few steps you should do first. One, see if your device is compatible — you need an iPhone 5s or newer. Two, make sure your phone is backed up. Good? Good.

Now, on your mobile device — not desktop — go to this link. This is the Apple Beta Software Program. Tap "get started," then "enroll your device."

Now, on your device, go to and download it.

Then you'll want to go to Settings, General and Software Update, where you'll find the long-awaited download link.


Can't download iOS 11 public beta? Here's what to do.

If you don't see the download link in Software Update, there's probably one reason why: You were already a beta tester, and you've been refreshing and refreshing Software Update, waiting for the iOS 11 link to come up. Spoiler: It probably won't. You have to re-download the profile.

After a few hours of intermittent refreshing, I got fed up and deleted my Beta Software Program profile. This is also easy: Go to Settings, then General, then Profiles and Device Management. Tap "iOS Beta Software Profile" and then "Remove Profile." Then I re-downloaded the profile using those steps above — and it worked.

I can't speak for everyone, but when I did everything above, iOS 11 was finally mine. All this for the ability to edit Live Photos.