A new island has emerged off of the North Carolina shore


Let's hear it for Mother Nature. While you pondered the existence of the Comey tapes or binged the Handmaid's Tale, a new island has appeared off the coast of North Carolina. Nicknamed "Shelly Island" for its a bounty of pretty shells, the island appeared off the coast of popular vacation spot Hatteras, North Carolina, at the end of May. It's a mile long and just 300 feet wide.

The new island is located at the tip of Cape Point, a spit of land that sticks out from Hatteras "like a sore thumb," the Outer Banks visitor guide noted. Cape Point typically attracts many large fish species — making it a coveted destination for vacationers with a passion for sport fishing. The new island could help people gain access to even better fishing spots, Bill Smith, president of the North Carolina Buggy Association, told the Virginian Pilot.

Chad Koczera took a photo of the new island with a drone when he was vacationing and looking for shells with his fiancee, CNN reported. Check out the stunning footage below.

How an island materialized out of nothing

Currents and storms can change the size and shape of the coastline, including the 100-acre spit of land known as Cape Point, Dave Hallac, superintendent of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore, told the Virginian Pilot. He noted that the new island could disappear in a few months or could grow in size and connect to the shoreline.

How to get to the island

Visitors should be cautious — swimming and walking to the island are not advised given the current, Hallac said. The Virginian Pilot reported a rip current and an aggressive flow that is 50 yards wide.

However, it appears that hasn't stopped people from swimming or paddling to the previously uncharted territory. Check out some of the photos people are posting to Instagram.