The 'Pretty Little Liars' series finale reveals the identity of AD and answers 7 other questions


And that's a wrap on Pretty Little Liars! The series finale of the Freeform show jumps ahead one year to expose A.D.'s identity and give fans some closure.

The two-hour event featured a lot of storylines, so we're breaking down the answers to the biggest reveals:

Who is A.D.?

Is Melissa Hastings A.D.? Nope. Is it Mona? Wrong again. It's a woman named Alex Drake — Spencer's evil twin. Yes, all the theories were true.

Mary Drake gave birth to twin girls at Radley Sanitarium, but Peter Hastings didn't know about the second baby. Mary and the doctor sold the second baby to a wealthy couple in England and split the money. Mary thought that her daughter would be living a fairytale life and used the money to pay her way out of the mental institute. Unfortunately, Alex showed issues at a young age and her adopted parents left her at an orphanage.

Alex didn't know about Mary or Spencer until a chance meeting with Wren at a bar where she was working. Wren developed a romantic relationship with her and filled her in on everything involving her family. Eventually she met Charlotte, who told her about the game she was playing with Spencer and her friends.

How did Alex become A.D.?

Alex needed closure after Charlotte's death and wanted it on her own terms. After inheriting Charlotte's money, she came to Rosewood and began impersonating Spencer. It was Alex, not Spencer, who kissed Toby before he left with Yvonne. And it was Alex whom Ezra ran into at the airport.

Wren never got involved in the game, and Archer had his own revenge plan going on with Alison. As for Sydney and Jenna's work on the A.D. team? Alex was blackmailing Sydney because she found out she was stealing from a bank. Jenna was desperate to be able to see again, so she was willing to do anything to get an experimental surgery paid for. The surgery didn't work and Jenna eventually became useless to Alex.

Alex disappeared after discovering Mona killed Charlotte, but then she began to get antsy. She wanted everything that Spencer had and decided to take it for herself. Wren tried to persuade her otherwise, but Alex was determined to become Spencer. She had Wren shoot her in the shoulder to get Spencer's same wound, but ultimately ended up killing him. She turned his ashes into a diamond.

Who is the father of Alison and Emily's baby?

Alison and Emily welcomed not one baby girl, but two — Lily and Grace. As for their father? It's none other than Wren.

"You have your daddy's eyes," Alex says while holding one of the twins. "I knew Wren would make pretty babies."

Do Emison get their happy ending?

Alison and Emily are happily raising their daughters together, but Alison wants more. She proposes to Emily with her grandmother's old ring. It's a romantic proposal — pug sweatshirt and all.

Does Lucas ever take back his loft?

Hanna was definitely overstaying her welcome at Lucas' loft. Fortunately, she and Caleb became very successful in the past year and were able to buy it from him. Caleb sold Lucas his software, and Hanna's clothing line took off.

But the question is whether the loft is big enough for them to stay in. Hanna reveals in the final moments of the episode that she's pregnant.

How did the moms get out of the basement?

In episode nine of season six the Pretty Little Liars moms got locked in a basement when they were supposed to be chaperoning their kids at their makeshift prom. The episode never showed the moms escaping and it became a bit of a joke for fans.

The good news is that the joke continued in the finale when Veronica, Ashley and Ella reunited at Aria's rehearsal dinner. The bad news is that we'll never get the answer.

How does everyone find out about A.D.?

Spencer discovers her twin after she's knocked out by Mona. She wakes up in a cell in front of what appears to be a mirror. Needless to say, she's horrified when her image doesn't make the same movements she does.

Everyone else finds out that Spencer has a twin thanks to Jenna. Yup, that Jenna.

Jenna developed a strong sense of smell after losing her sight and is able to tell that Spencer isn't the real Spencer by her scent. She calls Toby to warn him, and he's able to solve the mystery based on a book that "Spencer" gave him before he left town. The book didn't have any notes left in it, which tipped him off that Spencer wasn't Spencer. With those sleuthing skills, we can't believe he didn't make it in the Rosewood police force.

Mona, who jumps back into the "game" after her yearlong release from Welby State Psychiatric Hospital, finds out about Spencer's twin because she bugged the Liars.

How does it all end?

There are three different endings. The gang finds Spencer, Alex and Ezra in an underground bunker underneath the house that Toby built in Rosewood. (Alex is the one that bought the house from Toby.) Toby's able to figure out who the real Alex is, and a police officer whisks her away.

With Alex out of the picture, Aria and Ezra are finally able to get married (with Pretty Little Liars creator I. Marlene King as the photographer). The girls are able to share a moment of happiness before saying goodbye to Aria as she heads off on her honeymoon.

The next ending involves Mona. She's now living in France and making custom dolls — all while holding Mary Drake and Alex hostage in an underground cell. How did she manage to pull it off? That's a great question. We'll never know how she snuck them out of the country, but the police officer who took Alex from Toby was really Mona's French lover.

The third and final ending surprisingly doesn't feature Spencer, Aria, Emily, Hanna or Alison. It's a recreation of the barn sequence from the series premiere.

Remember high school student Addison from earlier this season? Addison was the school bully who tried to get Emily fired from her coaching job. Well, Addison is still in school, tormenting everyone. In fact, she's a mini "A" in the making. In one scene, a deaf student opens her locker to discover a doll with a knife through its chest — presumably from Addison.

Just like the premiere, Addison and her friends are having a sleepover. Her group wakes up in the middle of the night to find out that she's vanished.

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