'Heroes of the Storm' Summer Event Update: Get dressed for the beach with new skins, mounts and more


Summer is upon us, but why go outside and enjoy the season when you can stay inside and enjoy the season from the comfort of your own A/C? Games are starting their seasonal events, and with them comes a bunch of exciting content. For Heroes of the Storm Heroes of the Storm' Summer Event:players can expect a new brawl, new skins, new mounts and more.

Heroes of the Storm Summer Event: Don't forget your sunblock — and don't forget these awesome cosmetics

In the skins department, we have Power Briefs Tychus, Power Drench Tychus, Slip 'N Stream Tracer and Bikini Stitches. You can see the bigger images of these characters on this announcement post.

Blizzard Entertainment

In addition, there are two surfboard mounts: one regular surfboard and one with a shark bite.

Blizzard Entertainment

Also, don't forget to check out the new brawl mode, which involves a 5v5 all-Stitches pool-pulling party. Compete with the other team to see who can pull who into the pool.

Blizzard Entertainment

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