Obama vs Romney: The One Question That Both Candidates Need To Answer, But No One is Asking


Here’s the deal: I was going to write a follow-up to my piece on the “5 issues the candidates aren’t talking about” but then Michael Luciano, the guy who edited that one, opened my eyes and made me realize: Who gives a shit? These guys are nihilists, all they believe in is power, they’re sweet-talkers, con artists, flim-flammers. Their ideology has little to do with democracy or republicanism, it’s realpolitik — i.e. political expediency… They aren’t going to talk about issues that matter to the human race because that won’t help get them elected. They won’t ever get into detail about the PATRIOT ct, about the NDAA, about central banking or about the environment. They are out for the red meat and nothing else.

And if I’m going to be honest, I’m not the least bit passionate about who wins. I’m doing these articles for the viewership, because I want to be internet-famous. I don’t believe anything will change much with either one of them in power. So let’s skip the BS and get to business: Here’s the single question you should ask from your candidates, and, if they gave a rat’s ass, they would answer it:

Why should I believe you care about my plight when you don’t even know my name?

Not many people think about this. You and I vote for these politicians and give them an immense amount of power over our lives but we’ve never even met them in person! We give all that tax-money to a public figure expecting him to look out for us, but why wouldn’t he glom it? Can you honestly claim that you believe he wouldn’t just because he seemed like a straight-shooter on TV? How long would we have to know a person before you could bring yourself to lend them more than $10?

If a guy approached you in the street and asked you for fifty bucks you wouldn’t give it to him even if he promised to use it to save baby seals with leukemia, yet you’re giving half of your money to someone who vaguely promises to use it for something good just because he wears a badge saying “government” on it? It makes no sense!

When a politician is hiring his cousin Cletus’ contracting firm to build a road, he isn’t thinking “I’m doing this for elector #1,045,633,212, he trusted me!”, he’s thinking “After me and Cletus split the dough  we skimmed off the top, I’m hitting Acapulco soooo hard!”

Do politicians know your dreams? Your complicated afflictions and difficulties? The vast network of relationships that guides your every decision? Do they? Then why would they care?

We can’t be so naïve as to believe a guy is honest just because he says he is.

So, Mr. President, why should we trust you? Why should we believe that all this power you’re about to have isn’t going to corrupt you? Why should we believe that you’re prioritizing us over your own interests when you don’t know us from Adam?

Who watches the watchmen?

And, you know what? I don’t think they could answer that question if they tried.