Bush Administration's Actions Don't Match Ms. Rice's Words


Anna Day: In an interview, renowned Bahraini opposition leader, Matar Ibrahim Mattar, mentioned that, when he confronted Rice during her term about his government’s abuses, he “at least appreciated her honesty” when she responded: “America has its own interests in this region.” He, like many Bahrainis, was kidnapped, held in solitary confinement for weeks, beaten, and faced threats to his family’s safety. He, like many Bahrainis, still refuses to believe that America’s economic and security interests are best served by supporting undemocratic regimes. While I agree with her op-ed, why didn’t she apply these principles to the people of Bahrain? Moreover, why didn’t the administration of which she was a part apply these principles in Egypt, in Yemen?

Note: This comment was posted in response to PolicyMic's OpenMic debate here.

Photo Credit: Matar Ibrahim Mattar