This AI program writes inspirational posters and they’re hilariously meaningless

Machines have the capacity to learn, but they struggle to understand the nuances of the human mind and language. Which is probably why an algorithm's idea of an inspirational poster looks like this:


InspiroBot is "an artificial intelligence dedicated to generating unlimited amounts of unique inspirational quotes for endless enrichment of pointless human existence," per the website. It's not clear exactly how InspiroBot works — you simply click the "generate" button and in a few seconds it spits out a random saying, one you'd likely find in a glitched-out version of Brainy Quote, on top of a soothing stock photo.

Some are nonsensical. Some are simple and yet rife with relevance. Others have a whiff of deeper significance but are actually just a bunch of bullshit phrases strung together by a dim-witted machine. Don't try to find yourself in the vacuous regurgitations of an algorithm. Just let the unintelligible wash over you. The future is meaningless, baby.

I am changed.InspiroBot/InspiroBot
Holy shitInspiroBot/InspiroBot
My heartInspiroBot/InspiroBot