'Star Wars Battlefront 2' Closed Alpha: How do I sign up for an invite ahead of the beta?


Star Wars Battlefront 2 is dropping this November and getting a beta for players who pre-order at an undetermined point before then. We’ve known that for a while now. However, EA decided to surprise us by sending out invites to a closed alpha today. Check your email, folks.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 closed alpha PC invites go out via email

According to GameSpot, closed alpha invites for the PC version of Battlefront 2 are going out via email Thursday. The alpha period supposedly starts right away. That’s pretty much all the concrete information we have until EA explains what’s going on.

It isn’t totally clear what you had to do to get invited to this alpha, other than have your email sitting in EA’s database. Posters on NeoGAF are speculating it’s targeting people who played the first game and signed up for email promotions from EA. I almost always say no when asked if I want email promotions, but apparently I shouldn’t.

Anyway, check your email to see if you got early access to Battlefront 2.

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