'Zelda: Breath of the Wild' Travel Medallion: How to solve the "Teleportation Rumors" DLC quest


One of the coolest parts of Breath of the Wild’s downloadable content is the ability to set a travel marker on any part of the map where you can fast-travel to.

This is possible through the introduction of the new Travel Medallion item — a reward from a side quest that is automatically added upon getting the DLC.

Here’s how to get the Travel Medallion in Breath of the Wild

You’re going to want to select the quest that reads “Teleportation Rumors” and follow the objective marker that leads you to the South Akkala Stable. At the stable, there will be a book you need to read. 

After you read the diary, it’s time to locate the medallion — which will be in the top-right corner of the world. Also in the Akkala region, the medallion is in the labyrinth that’s just off the cliff near Robbie’s lab. There’s a shrine in there you might have already completed, and if you have, you can simply fast-travel there.

If you haven’t, you’ll have to go through the labyrinth the normal way. The only access to the location of the Travel Medallion is through a hole right in front of the shrine entrance.

When you jump down that hole, you’ll find yourself in a large underground space. You just need to glide straight forward and at the end of that space, you’ll find a chest. Guess what’s inside? That’s right, you got yourself the Travel Medallion.

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