Obama vs Romney: 34 Reasons Not to Vote For Either Candidate in 2012 Election


Mike Luciano wrote an essay in which he expressed his exhaustion relating to the presidential campaign and all of the attack ads, lies and distortions. He inspired me.

I figured if we are going to be negative, let’s go all the way. Without any editorial comments, I made a list of Obama and Romney “warts” — all of the negative things their opponents are saying about them. I did this from memory and was unaided by any outside sources, so feel free to get negative with me and add your favorite putdowns for each candidate. Voters will now be able to consider which candidate is the lesser of two evils. (Note: I am not making assurances about the validity of the warts documented herein.)

Obama Warts

1. Has not increased jobs sufficiently to bring down unemployment. Minorities suffering greatly.

2. Obamacare may cost 2 ½ times more than was originally estimated.

3. Many uninsured resent mandatory enrollment in Obamacare because of premiums.

4. Increased the national debt to $16 trillion.

5. The deficit is over $1 trillion annually.

6. Partisanship caused by a lack of Obama leadership has resulted in gridlock and ineffective government.

7. Did not keep promise to close Gitmo.

8. Relationship with Israel has deteriorated.

9. Troops still in Iraq. Situation is worsening.

10. Still at war in Afghanistan. The Taliban and Al Qaeda are regaining influence.

11. Gasoline prices have increase dramatically.

12. The country is teetering on a fiscal cliff.

13. Small businesses have suffered because of Obamacare and undue federal regulations.

14. Immigration policies have not been reformed.

15. Educational policies have not been reformed.

16. U.S. reputation abroad has impacted our country’s ability to lead.

17. Libyan diplomatic actions under fire.

18. Class warfare continues to be a major part of Obama’s domestic agenda.

19. Has not addressed entitlement, Social Security or Medicare reform even as these expenditures are bankrupting the country.

Romney Warts

1. Is rich and out of touch with the average American.

2. Has very little foreign affairs experience.

3. Pays 14% taxes on millions of dollars of income.

4. Has offshore accounts.

5. Led Bain Capital. Bain sometimes closes down companies and outsources jobs overseas.

6. Is a flip-flopper. Campaigned to the right during the primaries and is now campaigning to the center.

7. Plans to fix economy don’t add up.

8. Is anti-abortion.

9. Is against gay marriage.

10. Despises 47% of Americans.

11. Enacted health care reform similar to Obamacare in Massachusetts.

12. Wants less government.

13. Wants to decrease taxes for everyone including the wealthy.

14. Wanted to bankrupt the auto industry

15. Wants to build a bigger military.

Whom do you like now?