'Pokémon Go' Raids Near Me Map : Silph Road unveils Silph Radio tool to help plan group raids


If you follow Pokémon Go for long enough, you might notice the Silph Road tends to come up a lot. There’s a reason for this — the widely circulated subreddit and attached research site is a go-to destination for speculation, migration announcements, egg group changes and data mines. But with the release of the new raid feature, the Silph Road has been hard at work developing something that might make your quest to topple boss Pokémon a little easier.

Pokémon Go raid map: Silph Road debuts Silph Radio to help coordinate raid efforts

Dronpes, a moderator on the Silph Road subreddit, posted an official announcement of the Silph Radio’s beta on Sunday. Although it’s only in beta, the Silph Radio will eventually be able to alert you via email or SMS when players are organizing to fight a raid in your area. The goal of the Radio is twofold: to avoid having too few trainers around to take a level 3 or 4 raid, and to decrease the amount of time players spend in front of their computer scanning for raids.

So, what can you do to help? After registering your Reddit account with the Silph Road, you can set up a radius around wherever you consider your “home base” — work, home, a favorite coffee shop — and start sending up beacons whenever you go raiding, as well as encouraging other players in your area to also start setting up beacons. According to dronpes, the more people who send up raid beacons, the more raid alerts you’ll get, meaning it will be easier to coordinate with other players in your area and take down those Tyranitars and Charizards.

Although push notifications for the Radio aren’t available yet, you can sign up here and get updates as it progresses. The Silph Road has promised an eventual native app that will allow for easy push notifications when you’re out and about. In spite of the decreasing level requirements for raids, some players are still having difficulty completing them. Hopefully, the Silph Radio will help players in rural or inactive areas begin to organize.

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