For some unknown reason, this pool float looks like a pad


In the summertime, anything goes — even this pool float that no one seemed to realize looks exactly like a menstrual pad.

Currently on sale at your local Sam’s Club, the pool float is inarguably shaped like a standard sanitary napkin, with the same super-absorbent quilting. It even has a blue swirl decoration — a dead ringer for the same light-blue liquid featured in almost every menstrual pad commercial in lieu of anything remotely resembling menstrual blood.

Imgur user RogerG first posted the photo of the pool float on Saturday, but it got a little more attention on Monday, when Twitter user Jillian David shared it.

“Focus group,” David wrote. “This could’ve been avoided with one focus group (of women).”

Mic has reached out to Sam’s Club for comment.

The stunning resemblance wasn’t lost on Amazon reviewers either, some of whom had some big ideas for the pantyliner-shaped float.

“I suggest you float on one of these as you read your dogeared copy of ‘Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret,’” wrote one reviewer. “Pop some Pamprin, dive in. You will be so dry, and so comfortable on your float.”

So the question stands: Would you kick back and relax on this giant floating maxi pad? Would you bathe in the sun on this thing, completely at ease and secure with the knowledge that it’s probably leak-free?

We sure would — but can we get one with wings?