Florida Polls: Obama Romney Polls Split, Race Wide Open

According to a new Tampa Bay Times/Bay News 9/Miami Herald poll, Mitt Romney has a six point lead over Barack Obama among Florida voters. However, a Wall Street Journal/NBC poll released the same day shows the president ahead by two points. Florida is a key battleground state that has 29 electoral votes. In 2008, Obama won the state by 203,000 votes over John McCain, 50.9% to 48.1%. The returns in Florida this election may show an even closer race. According to Rasmussen, 95% of voters in Florida said they will vote in the election on Tuesday. 

Here are the latest presidential polls in Florida, courtesy of Real Clear Politics:

In the past week alone in Florida, Team Romney spent $13.7 million to Team Obama’s $8.4 million. Nationally, $967.6 million has been spent overall in the campaign, with the Obama camp spending $573.2 million to the Romney camp's $394.4 million. NBC's First Read provides the top spenders during this presidential race:

1. Obama campaign $330.7m

According to the Times/Herald poll, Romney enjoys a 53% favorability rating, compared to Obama's 42%. Such a glaring gap could spell trouble for the president in this highly competitive state. The survey was conducted among 800 registered likely Florida voters. It has a margin of error of +/- 3.5%.