Virginia 2012 Election Results: Tim Kaine Wins!


UPDATE  11:32 PM - 


Democrat Tim Kaine, former Mayor of Richmond and Governor of Virginia wins the Senate seat with 51.43% of the vote to 48.38% for George Allen, former Virginia Congressman, Governor and Senator.  Allen lost this seat in 2006 to Jim Webb (D) who is retiring.

During the campaign, Mr. Kaine said he would avert cutbacks to defense spending (important to Virginia) and said he would work to extend the Bush tax cuts for $500,000 of household income (Obama has proposed $250,000).  

Allen's campaign pressed Mr. Kaine for his liberalism and tax-and-spend leanings, linking Kaine to President Obama.  

House Races (8R/3D)

Robert Wittman (R) Scott Rigell (R) Bobby Scott (D) Randy Forbes (R) Robert Hurt (R) Bob Goodlatte (R) Eric Cantor (R) Jim Moran (D) H. Morgan Griffith (R) Frank Wolf (R) Gerry Connolly (D)


George Allen is speaking now, having just called Tim Kaine to congratulate him on winning.  At 84.35% of the precincts reporting, Kaine carried 50.61% to Allen's 49.19%

Romney still leads Virginia - 49.6% to 48.79% for Obama


The numbers are getting closer for both races.  Definitely too close to call!

69.98% precincts reporting


51.18% Romney

47.18% Obama


50.64% Allen

49.17% Kaine


65.03% precincts reporting


51.76% Romney

46.59% Obama


51.14% Allen

48.71% Kaine


59% precincts reporting

52.12% Romney

46.22% Obama

51.47% Allen

48.39% Kaine


47.33% precincts reporting

53.13% Allen

46.72% Kaine

53.52% Romney

44.7% Obama


741 of 2588 precincts reporting

56.65% Romney  41.64% Obama (but this doesn't mean anything at this point)


Wow people are still in line at some polling places.  The polls closed at 7 but all voters who were in line at 7 will be allowed to vote.  The Board of Election has determined reporting will be paused until 8:00 pm.  


Over 70% of voters turned out in Fairfax County. Obama leads Romney by 59% to 40% with ONLY 1% REPORTING 4 of 2588 precincts have reported.


Why is Virginia so important for the Presidential election?  In 2008, the electoral votes went to the democratic candidate - Obama - for the first time since the 1960's!  Will Republicans prevail this time?


At my local polling place, where I helped hand out literature and talk to voters, it was crowded early morning, tapered off by 10 and was pretty quiet even at lunch time.  Everyone was talking about how xrowded they expect it will be by late afternoon.  There were a few more Obama supporters than Romney.  


Polls opened at 6 am and will close at 7 pm.  Both sons checked in at their polls in Virginia when they first opened at 6 am.  One waited in line for more than an hour, the other fewer than 10.  I voted absentee but saved my "I VOTED" sticker to wear today.


What a week leading up to this election! 

No Presidential Debates this week! The South evaded most of Sandy's impact and much of the coastal Northeast was decimated by high winds, surge and flooding. Many who still have their homes are still without power while temperatures fall. Some say the devastation is good for President Obama because of his increased visibility and appearing more presidential (and removing attention from negative issues such as Benghazi). On Friday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its October jobs report, which shows that the unemployment number has moved up, from 7.8% last month to 7.9% this month. For adult women, the rate is worse: the rate of unemployment increased by 0.2% to 7.2%.  According to last week's Associated Press GfK poll, women are polling at 47% for Romney and 47% for Obama. A video of four year old Abigael crying because she was tired of "Bronco Bama and Mitt Romney" went viral with over 7 million views, affirming the views of many that enough is enough. En route home to Virginia from Miami, I adhered Romney/Ryan bumper stickers to my rollerboard carryon. As I was lifting it into the overhead, the flight attendant noticed and said, "I like your sticker."  "Thank you.  We have a lot of work to do," I said, giving her a quick hug.  We exchanged smiles. At the farmer's market on Saturday morning, while working the GOP booth, an angry man said, "I don't see how as a woman you could support Romney."  "Actually," I responded, "part of the reason I support Romney-Ryan is that I am a woman and I like their positions and that they are focused on the economy."  As he started talking about women's reproductive rights I cut him off saying, "I vote with my smarts, not my body parts."  Stalking off he muttered, "you'll look good wearing a burka."  Huh?  Did that really happen? Working the outdoor GOP tables on a chilly, windy afternoon at the county's absentee voting, the Obama volunteers brought me a sweet treat, I chased a pile of their flyers that blew away, and they did the same for me.  Unlike the other experience, everyone was cheerful, regardless of political preference.  Every voter deserves affirmation!   I had 10 telephone messages in 24 hours related to the elections and I spoke to an additional 3 surveyers.  In the last two days I received 6 pieces of political direct mail. My neighborhood is running about 50-50 on Romney vs. Obama signs.  There are more Kane for Senate signs than Allen signs and more Moran for Congress than Murray.

Virginia Senate Race - Former Governors George Allen and Tim Kane

Real Clear Politics polling data average 10/22-11/1  Kane 48%   Allen 47.2%

 I am so excited about Tuesday!  Check back for updates!

UPDATE Monday evening 6:25 pm

The Washington Post Kid's Post has two good downloadable tools for keeping tabs on the electoral votes - good for adults and kids:

Tally Sheet Colorable State Map (with electoral votes)

Mitt and Ann Romney visited Fairfax, Virginia today for a rally at George Mason University. Senate-candidate George Allen joined the Romneys.

Rasmussen poll November 4 VIRGINIA voters

Romney  50% Obama 48%

NBC News/WSJ/Marist Poll  November 5 VIRGINIA voters  

Obama 48% Romney 47%

Rasmussen poll November 4 Virginia Senate

Kaine 49% Allen 47%

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