How to add links to your Snapchats with the new update


On Wednesday, Snapchat introduced three new features: backdrops, voice filters and the ability to add links to your snaps. Through the latter, users can attach a URL to a website within their snaps.

To utilize this feature, update your app so you have the latest version. Then, open the app and take a Snap photo or video. Once the content is captured, select the paperclip icon in the vertical toolkit.


This will bring forth a window at the top of the screen where you can type in a URL. After entering the URL, the app will search for the destination and bring up a preview. At the bottom, select “Attach to Snap” if it’s the link you want.


If it’s not the right link, then you can modify the URL at the top. To remove an attachment, click on the paperclip icon again and select “Remove attachment.” Snapchat saves recent attachments so the next time you want to add a link, you can tap on one of the “previously attached” links saved to the page. This means once you’ve sent a URL, you don’t have to search for it again.