‘Pokémon Go’ Anniversary Box Contents: What’s in the box and how to get it


Pokémon Go is having a big summer. The recent gym and raid battle update helped to retool parts of the game players had issues with, but that’s not all. Niantic has also introduced a one year anniversary event to celebrate the game’s release on July 6, 2016. During the event, players can buy a special Anniversary Box full of helpful items.

But is it worth it? If you’re looking to see what’s inside before taking the plunge, we can help you. Read on below for more info.

Pokémon Go Anniversary Event: You might be wasting your coins, depending on what you need

Players can find the Anniversary Box in Pokémon Go’s store. It’s hard to miss because it’s smack dab at the top of the store tab. At 1200 PokéCoins, it’s a little pricy, even if you’ve been diligent about taking gyms under the new system.

Alex Borkowski/Mic

The box includes six egg incubators, six max revives, two premium raid passes and 20 Ultra Balls.

So is it worth it? Depends on how many of those items you actually need. It’d cost you 1380 coins to buy those items individually, assuming you substitute regular Pokéballs for Ultra Balls. You save 180 PokéCoins, but only if you actually need everything the Anniversary Box offers.

Even omitting the max revives would put the price for buying the items separately back at 1200 coins. However, the inclusion of the Ultra Balls alone might be enough to tip players over the edge. (And those six incubators are pretty nice.)

Alex Borkowski/Mic

Regardless, 1200 PokéCoins is a hefty chunk of change. It’s up to you as a player to determine whether you need all the items the box offers. After all, there are always bag space increases to buy.

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