Nintendo Switch NES Games: Virtual Console hints could be tucked away inside the console’s code


We’ve dedicated plenty of articles on this site to the Nintendo Switch Virtual Console and there’s one underlying theme: we all want it. The ability to play retro games on Nintendo’s latest console is a nostalgia-fueled win for both gamers and Nintendo’s profits. The fact that Nintendo has yet to bring us old games on the perfectly-capable Switch is baffling. But the latest info from deep within the Switch says that NES game support may not be too far off.

Nintendo Switch NES Games: Emulator for old games build right into the Switch

According to the Switchbrew Wiki, and as noticed by Source Gaming, software built into the Switch’s firmware acts as an NES emulator. The software is codenamed “flog.” Check out the evidence below.

Nintendo Switch NES Games: Yes, the Switch can run NES games, but which?

Even though much of Nintendo’s Virtual Console plans are surrounded by question marks, we do know we’ll be receiving an online service with old games of some sort. NES titles like Super Mario Bros. 3 and Dr. Mario are already confirmed to come. With, presumably, more old games on the way, it’s no surprise that an NES emulator was tucked inside the Switch. The main question is which NES games will come to the system?

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