‘Splatoon 2’ Pearl and Marina “Off the Hook”: The internet reacts to the nautical pop stars


Like the rest of the world, we’re in love with Marina and Pearl from Splatoon 2. The two new songstresses will replace Callie and Marie as the game’s primary news-delivery service, and we couldn’t be more excited. Nintendo released a music video to get us all jazzed up about it.

Splatoon is so weird and cool, folks. Anyway, as you would expect, something happened and the internet reacted to it.

The internet reacts to Pearl and Marina in Splatoon 2

If people weren’t excited for Splatoon 2 before this, they are now. Just look at what Twitter had to say about it.

Of course, there weren’t just reactions. There was plenty of fan art going around Twitter, too. This stuff is pretty incredible.

There’s some great Marine and Pearl fan art and reacts out there and this is just the beginning.

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