Trial of the Sword Guide: Skip the ‘Zelda: BotW’ DLC walkthroughs with this one genius tip


If you’re anything like me, the Trial of the Sword — a new challenge introduced to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in its first batch of downloadable content — is probably giving you a fair amount of trouble. Making it through room after room of enemies without any of your armor, weapons or champion abilities isn’t easy, but there’s a simple-yet-genius trick that can help you beat the Trial of the Sword without any complicated guides or walkthroughs.

All you need is some fruit.

Trial of the Sword guide: How to breeze your way through the Zelda: BotW DLC

Specifically, you’ll need some durian — or “Hearty Durian,” as it’s called in the land of Hyrule. Once you collect five of them, you’ll be able to get a huge health boost that should make it easy to take on the Trial of the Sword. But first you need to find them.

There are a couple different ways to stock up on durian. The easiest is to fast travel to Faron Tower. Look south and you’ll see a small cliff with a few of those annoying Lizalfo enemies hanging out on the platform. Once you’ve floated over on your paraglider and taken out the monsters, you can start harvesting durian by chopping down the trees in the area. Each tree will yield two durian, in my experience, so you should rack up five of them pretty quickly.

Alternatively, you can simply buy some durian if you’ve got the rupees to spare. Just head to the Gerudo Town Bazaar (don’t forget to put on your disguise first) and you’ll see a shop that sells Hearty Durian.

Once you’ve collected the durian, just locate a cooking pot — you can always find one at a nearby stable — and throw in all five durian to cook. The resulting meal will give you 20 temporary hearts. These work just like regular hearts, except you can’t eat normal food to bring them back after taking damage. Still, the extra health buffer should make it a lot easier to get through the Trial of the Sword.

That’s all there is to it — I told you it was a simple trick. The rest is up to you.


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