Noreaster Tracker: LIVE Another Storm After Sandy Could Wreak Havoc on Election Day


A nor'easter threatens to dampen relief efforts in New York and New Jersey in the coming week. While not nearly as powerful as Hurricane Sandy, around the coast it could have winds as high as 30 mph. Since it is still about two days from affecting the east coast, the predictions about the storm are very rough, but it certainly could put set back recovery from Hurricane Sandy. Also, low temperatures pose a threat to those still lacking power. While some worry about Sandy's effect on the election, the hurricane's effect on voting will be an inconvenience to many, but not a game-changer.

The storm mostly affected the liberal-leaning northeast of the United States. New York and New Jersey were badly hit, but aren't considered swing states because they are strongly leaning Obama. Any deterred voters would merely affect Obama's national vote total, and not the ever-important Electoral College vote count. Virginia is a contested swing state that was supposed to be in the storm's path but was largely spared. Pennsylvania, a key electoral bulwark for Obama, was also spared for the most part. It seems that potential election fallout from Hurricane Sandy has been mitigated by early voting and plain old luck. Given that the storm led to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg endorsing Obama, and to compliments from Republican Governor of New Jersey and Romney supporter Chris Christie to Obama the storm may even have been a boon election-wise for the president.

Of course the coming nor'easter is causing pre-election jitters as well. The coming storm could bring snow in parts of New York, but this is supposed to occur the day after the election. Around the coast it's expected there will be up to two inches of rain. The storm isn't expected to damage anything that isn't already broken from Sandy.

As the east coast rebuilds from Sandy, no weather news is good weather news, but sadly there is. This week's storm will pale in comparison to Sandy, but to those without power and still in precarious situations from the previous storm, this one could still be dangerous.

PolicyMic will be tracking the nor'easter live. For real-time updates and info on how it will impact election day, check back and refresh this page.