‘Pokémon Go’ Egg Anniversary: Player plans to hatch year-old Pokémon egg on its anniversary


The Pokémon Go one-year anniversary event is in full swing. To celebrate the game’s birthday, Niantic has introduced a raiding care package and a special Pikachu into the game. Fans are making their own fun with anniversaries, too. One fan in particular is about to break the seal on an egg they got in-game almost a year earlier.

Pokémon Go Egg Anniversary: Fan plans to hatch year-old egg on July 13

User skidex on the Silph Road subreddit created a topic on Sunday asking if there was anything they should know as they prepared to hatch a 5 km egg they’ve had in their inventory for almost a year. They planned to hatch the egg on its one year anniversary. Other posters weren’t confident that skidex would like what they found inside.

Pokémon Go timestamps eggs from when you obtain them, not when you hatch them. So, if skidex’s egg is a year old, that means it’s positively ancient by the game’s standards. This means that skidex’s egg won’t benefit from the updated egg groups. Even worse, the Pokémon it hatches will have a CP rating equal to skidex’s level at the time they obtained it, not their current level. This means the Pokémon they hatch — whatever it is — is going to be quite weak.

“The best you can hope for is Porygon who is now in a 10k or a Grimer that is in 5ks still,” wrote xdboomsterxd. “Rest is not worth much anymore. Keep us posted though!” Other posters were even less confident than that, however.

“It’s full of Ponyta and disappointment, like all 5K eggs,” Marauder_Pilot wrote.

Joking aside however, many posters in the thread entreated skidex to keep them in the loop when the egg hatched. They did also urge skidex not to be too disappointed at what they found, however.

“This hatch may be the end of a beautiful friendship,” remarked _-_-_I_-_-_.

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