‘Splatoon 2’ vs. ‘Splatoon’ Graphics Comparison: See how much better the sequel looks side-by-side


When Mario Kart 8 Deluxe was announced for the Nintendo Switch, a lot of us rolled our eyes. (Really, Nintendo, you’re going to make us buy Mario Kart 8 again?) So, when Nintendo announced Splatoon 2, some were a bit skeptical whether it’d be a full-fledged sequel or just the original game in a shiny new box.

Luckily, it’s become clear Nintendo pulled out all the stops for Splatoon 2. This is no measly port. Need proof? All you need to do is see Splatoon 2 compared to its predecessor on Wii U.

Splatoon 2 graphics comparison video

In the video, created by YouTuber NomComms, you can see how the character models, animation and environments in the free Splatoon 2 demo compare to the original Splatoon for Wii U.

The most notable difference between the two games is the sheer vibrance of colors in Splatoon 2. The original looks downright muddy by comparison. The Splatoon 2 newscasters, Marina and Pearl, are also much more lovingly animated than their predecessors.

We’ll have much more on Splatoon 2 in the time leading up to its July 21 release date.

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