NYC Marathon 2012 Canceled But in Central Park the Race Goes On


Are we sure the marathon was canceled? Friday night New York announced that it had officially canceled the 2012 New York Marathon. But, as I strolled through the park this morning, countless runners speeded by in their race numbers. The cheers from the pack were overwhelming. Even NYC Marathon staff appeared to be present.

The most spectacular thing about running a road race is that whether you’re winning, keeping up, or holding on for dear life strangers cheer you on and genuinely root for your success. What I see when I look outside today is a community that has come together. If running a marathon is about overcoming adversity and perseverance, the 2012 runners are going to get the ultimate test. As one runner said at 8 a.m. this morning, “The marathon may have been canceled, but this is a race I will never forget.”