Nevada 2012 Election Results: LIVE Updates and Coverage


Nevada has seen a big turnout for early voting with more than half of active voters casting their ballots between October 20th and November 2nd, totaling over 1.2 million votes. While President Obama took this battleground state by 12 points in 2008, the polls are showing that it may be a tighter race this year. 

But while the Presidential race is front and center, redistricting created Nevada's new 4th Congressional District, which has made for a tight race between Democrat Steven Horsford and Republican Danny Tarkanian. The new district essentially cuts the state in half, and includes about 55% registered Democrats, which makes Horsford the favorite in this race. It's clearly not locked up, however, which makes this a definite race to watch this election night. 

The most contentious Nevada race this election cycle, though, is the Senate race between Republican incumbent, and former Representative, Dean Heller and Democratic Representative Shelley Berkley. Heller replaced Senator John Ensign following his resignation amidst an ethics scandal, while Berkley is currently under Congressional ethics investigation. This race is being billed as a toss-up, with both candidates polling about equal among voters in this battleground state. 

PolicyMic will be covering the election live from Nevada. Bookmark and refresh this page throughout the day for all the latest developments.

UPDATE 1:58 AM: Berkley versus Heller is finally being called in favor of Heller.

UPDATE 9:47 PM: The race for Senate is still too close to call, with just 140 votes difference, with Berkley in the lead 

UPDATE 9:24 PM: My apologies for calling this a little late- there may have been some celebrating going on. Nevada has been called for President Obama!

UPDATE 7:36 PM: Apparently lines are still very long in Nevada and we aren't seeing any numbers yet. Hang in there!

UPDATE 7:00 PM: The polls have closed in Nevada! But it's too early to call!

UPDATE 3:42 PM: Check out the NV turnout numbers issued by the state at 1:30 today: 

Under 8% of eligible voters had voted before 1:30 today, but over 50% early or absentee voted.

UPDATE 3:30 PM: Not sure where to vote? You have until 7 PM to cast your ballot! Check out the NV Secretary of State's website:

UPDATE 3:22 PM: The first polls have closed in Indiana and Kentucky, and we're starting to see election results roll in! It's going to be a few hours before we start to see results from Nevada, but hang in there and I'll update you as soon as we start to see some numbers.