Amazon Prime Day 2017 Gaming Deals: Storage, games, console bundles and more


Amazon Prime Day isn’t just about mindless shopping and amazing Quinta B videos. Sometimes, the day of deals is about getting that last necessary piece to your gaming setup. Not every deal is great, but everyone has one or two items that will finally complete a console setup or gaming rig. Prime Day 2017 has no shortage of sales for those who game on PC, console or otherwise.

So, if you’re looking to empty your wallet on some computer accessories, console bundles or actual games, then look no further. Here are our favorites, just make sure you redeem your free $5 first.

Amazon Prime Day 2017 Gaming Deals



Expandable storage makes using devices like Android phones or the Nintendo Switch much more manageable. You can snag a 256GB micro SD card from SanDisk for $105, a 200GB for $81 or a 128GB card for $36. Keep in mind only the former two come with an SD-card adapter, which is handy if you plan on using the card with a Macbook Air or digital single-lens reflex camera.


PC Gaming

Samsung and Amazon are offering up a 4K, 28-inch display for $280. Or if you’re willing to go for a 24-inch, you can have that for $347.

Corsair brings deal hunters their backlit, K70 mechanical keyboard for Prime Day 2017. $110 will get you RBG LED keys and macro programming options. Combine colorful backlighting and noisy individual keys and this keyboard isn’t just functional, it’s certifiably extra.

If you’re in the market for headphones, Sony’s XB950B1 Extra Bass wireless units are also on sale for $100 off, at $98. While you’re at it, you may want to procure these if you wear glasses while you game. The $20 lenses offer UV protection from all that time you stare at the screen.



Games like Pokémon Go ruin battery life, but not when you come prepared. Mophie’s Juice Pack is nearly half off at $60, plus an extra 25% off at checkout in celebration of Prime Day 2017. If you plan on catching ‘em all, don’t leave home without it.


Consoles and Games

PS4 buyers will like Amazon’s Uncharted bundle, offering The Last Of Us as well, along with a few comics, thanks to Comixology. Amazon users can find the deal here. If you just need controllers, you can get DualShock 4’s for $46, though your price at checkout will be $40 if you join Prime.

The Xbox One S bundle gives you Halo Wars 2 physical, Halo 5 digital, Forza 6 digital and Recore digital here. Or you can save $50 bucks and get the same games if you don’t mind a 500GB hard drive instead of a full terabyte.

Nintendo is taking their sweet time wth Smash Bros. on Switch but you can get the game for 3DS at $30 during Prime Day. Nintendo Switch buyers don’t get any special deals or bundles for the console, but they do get the ability to buy one. The deal applies to only physical Amazon book stores and only for Prime members. You do know how to make us want it, Nintendo.

July 11, 2017, 12:30 p.m. ET: This story has been updated

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