‘Overwatch’ Doomfist Fan Art: Tumblr is shipping Doomfist with Lúcio


Overwatch fans are ready for Doomfist. Like, really ready. The fan community on Tumblr started shipping — fan-casting in a romantic relationship — him with Reaper before he was even announced. And now, they’ve moved on to pairing him up with the support hero Lúcio.

Sometimes, the two are simply hanging out — just dudes being dudes, fist-bumping and listening to some tunes — but more often than not, their interactions are decidedly more romantic.

Allow us to introduce you to Doomcio.

Overwatch: Doomfist plus Lúcio equals Doomcio

Before we get too into the fan art, it’s worth noting that Lúcio and Doomfist have drastically different ideologies: Lúcio is a good-hearted freedom fighter, while Doomfist is a literal terrorist who thinks humanity is made stronger through war. But, I guess in the minds of Overwatch fans, opposites attract?

Blizzard Entertainment

If you can put all that aside and boil the differences between each character down to “Lúcio is goofy and Doomfist is grumpy, but ultimately an OK guy” — a big ask, admittedly — it’s pretty easy to see how these two could have some fun interactions.

But, uh, then again, maybe the fandom’s fascination with these two can simply be boiled down to comparing their sizes side by side. (See the slightly NSFW meme here.)

Um, yeah. We’re just gonna leave that there.

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