‘Overwatch’ World Cup Teams 2017: Here’s how it works and who’s competing


It’s already been a year since the last Overwatch World Cup. Now we’re back at it again with a new lineup of teams as we move into the group stage of the competition.

The group stage of the tournament goes on throughout the entire summer, so if you’re interested in keeping track of it all, we’ve broken it down for you. Read on below for all the info you need on the 2017 ‘Overwatch’ World Cup teams.

Overwatch World Cup Teams: Here’s who’s competing in 2017

There are 32 teams that compete during the group phase. They each compete in their specific groups and the top two teams from each group will move on to the next round. Here’s the breakdown, according to Blizzard’s official website:

Group A

• China

• Hong Kong

• Norway

• Romania

Group B

• France

• Denmark

• Thailand

• Argentina

Group C

• Sweden

• Australia

• Italy

• Portugal

Group D

• Finland

• Japan

• Spain

• Vietnam

Group E

• South Korea

• Netherlands

• Poland

• Austria

Group F

• Canada

• Russia

• Singapore

• Turkey

Group G

• United States

• Chinese Taipei

• Brazil

• New Zealand

Group H

• United Kingdom

• Germany

• Israel

• Belgium

After the first round of the group stage, the top 16 teams will move on to a single-elimination bracket round. The winners of that will determine the top eight teams who will compete at the finals during BlizzCon 2017.

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