Nintendo ‘Arms’ Update 2.0: Update brings new character, stat tracking and more


If you’re still picking up what Nintendo is putting down with Arms, there’s great news. Version 2.0, the game’s first substantial content update, is out now and is totally free. Isn’t that nice?

Nintendo Arms update 2.0 adds Max Brass, stat tracking and removes stage from ranked play

The most substantial part of Arms update 2.0 is the addition of Max Brass, a boss in the game’s Grand Prix single-player mode who is now a playable combatant. He’s a gaudy, golden idiot and I love him. Hopefully he doesn’t break competitive play.

Speaking of competitive play, there’s a lot to chew on in this patch. The new Sky Arena stage is now available, which is basically a blank arena with no obstacles. That should please the esports crowd. Another thing that will tickle their fancies is that Snake Park, reviled for its annoying obstacles, has been removed from ranked play.

Hedlok Scramble is a new mode in which fighters can grab a special mask that turns them into the powerful Hedlok, at which point everyone else stops fighting each other and tries to take down Hedlok. That could be an interesting combination of both competitive and cooperative play.

There are three new arms to use: Nade, Roaster and Kablammer. Last but not least, there is now deeper stat tracking on the main menu that can tell you which character you use the most. The rest of the patch notes can be seen below:

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