‘Destiny 2’ Story News: Director hopes players complain about ‘too much story’ on release


As we gear up for the imminent Destiny 2 beta, one of the biggest questions about the game is how it will improve on the barely-there narrative of Destiny.

You may recall the first game’s story was largely hidden in a phone app and website, taking the form of occasionally interesting — if cryptic — lore entries. The expansions did a better job of actually putting the story in the game, but huge parts of Destiny still felt like nonsense if you didn’t want to load up the grimoire.

According to an interview with IGN (spotted on PC Gamer), things will be different this time around.

Destiny 2 might make people complain about “too much story”

In the interview, cinematic lead Matthew Ward and senior narrative lead Jason Harris spoke about the narrative of Destiny 2. It’s a lot of things we hear about a lot of games: more emotion, a more “cinematic” story, all that fun stuff.

The most encouraging bit is when Ward talks about the mere amount of story that will be in the game. It would be almost impossible for Destiny 2 to have less story than its predecessor, but it sounds like Bungie is going above and beyond here.

“I hope people complain about how much story we have at the end of this,” Ward said. “That’d be the Reddit thread I’d like to read: Too much damn story!”

If Destiny 2 can give players a glimpse of everyday life for normal people in this world, it will fix one of the biggest problems with the original. Though the primary social space was within the walls of the last city on Earth, you never got to go into the city itself or meet anyone who wasn’t part of the Guardian military force. The player was detached from what may have been the best stories in that world.

The city is gone now, but Destiny 2 promises to feature regular people and their stories much more than the first game.

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