‘Rainbow Six Siege’ Loot Boxes: Update 2.1.1 brings cosmetic ‘Alpha Packs’


Everybody loves loot boxes. I definitely love to spent $10 on loot boxes during every Overwatch event and get 18 sprays and voice lines I already had instead of anything new. It’s a lot of fun. Seriously, though, getting a random bundle of stuff for playing video games can sometimes be fun. If you like Rainbow Six Siege, get ready to join the club.

Rainbow Six Siege to get cosmetic loot crates

According to VG247, the tactical co-op shooter’s update 2.1.1 readies the game for loot crates containing cosmetic items. They’re called Alpha Packs, and you’ll get them just for playing the game. Ubisoft hasn’t clarified whether you’ll be able to spend real money on them, but given how all video games work, you shouldn’t be surprised if you can. Alpha Packs will be releasing over all platforms sometime in the near future.

This is hot on the heels of Ubisoft’s other co-op Tom Clancy shooter, The Division, getting the same feature. It won’t be long now before every single video game lets you sink money into a slot machine that spits out funny hats or whatever.

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