‘Pokémon Stars’ Release Date: Is this trailer a clue to another Switch or 3DS game? Probably not.


E3 2017 showed us that Pokémon Stars and any other Pokémon Nintendo Switch game won’t be released until 2018 or later. That said, what is the Pokémon Company doing revealing mysterious-ass trailers with stars, space and other galactic settings?

Pokémon Stars isn’t coming anytime soon — Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon have been confirmed, however — yet the company is releasing cryptic Pokémon trailers like the game hasn’t been announced already. What could this mean?

Pokémon Stars release date: The meaning of this Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon trailer is Unown to us

The Pokémon trailer is in Japanese, but surprisingly that’s not the confusing part. Even after seeing a translation of the eerie video, we’re still not sure what we just watched. Check it out for yourself:

In the trailer, we get a glimpse at an Ultra Beast, the presence of Unown and scenes from past Pokémon games. The teaser closes out with a familiar tune: the song from Ruins of Alph (the Heart Gold and Soul Silver version, of course).

Pokémon Stars release date: July 19 is the date to watch

It’s unclear what we can expect, but the video’s page points to an official Pokémon site here. The webpage doesn’t tell us much, either, but it does the date July 19 with the words “coming soon” underneath. Weird. Maybe we’ll finally get some sort of release date for Pokémon Stars, but more than likely it will just tie into Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

The trailer does a good job of building hype for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, but results in more questions than answers: Could Unown be featured prominently in Ultra Sun and Moon? Could this have something to do with Pokémon Go’s Chicago event? Will we get Pokémon Stars on Switch after all? Those answers and more may be revealed on July 19.

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