Kellyanne Conway held up signs on Sean Hannity’s show and Photoshop hilarity ensued


White House adviser Kellyanne Conway went on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show Wednesday night in an attempt to defend first son Donald Trump Jr., who’s currently under fire after he released emails showing that he knew the Russian government was attempting to aid his father’s presidential bid.

During her appearance, she used props to call the collusion allegations an “illusion” and a “delusion.”

“This is to help all the people at home, what’s the conclusion? Collusion: No, we don’t have that yet,” Conway said — an interesting claim given that Trump Jr.’s emails plainly show he was willing to meet with a Kremlin-connected lawyer in order to receive damaging information on Hillary Clinton that was part of Russia’s campaign to hurt her presidential bid.

“I see illusion and delusion,” Conway continued.

But she committed the cardinal television sin of holding up pieces of white paper on television — giving Photoshopping wizards a blank slate with which to roast the White House spokeswoman.

And roast her they did, changing the text on her signs to mock her mercilessly.

“I’ll say anything if paid enough money,” one Photoshopped image reads.

“I am Fake News. It’s true,” reads another image that throws her favorite attack at the media back her way.

Another edited the image Conway had been holding up.

“Conclusion? Trump committed collusion,” one edited sign reads, turning her entire point against her.

Then there was a doozy that alluded to the infamous dossier created by a former British spy, which alleged that video exists of Trump in a Russian hotel watching prostitutes urinate on a bed.

“I think Kellyanne Conway is trying to tell us something,” reads the caption under the photo, in which Conway is holding signs that read “The pee tape is real.”

Another user took the time to revive the Bowling Green massacre incident, in which Conway appeared on MSNBC to remind viewers of a terrorist attack that never happened.

And still another used the opportunity to remind everyone of two telling figures that remain immune to the influence of fake news.