New 3DS Discontinued: What it means for Nintendo’s handheld series


The Nintendo Switch is the company’s newest, most capable portable console. It was only a matter of time before we saw the elimination of the 3DS. Judging by Nintendo’s own product page, the end has begun.

The New 3DS has ceased production according to this page when translated. This means that if you’re looking to buy the most portable option when it comes to playing games in 3D, you better act now.

Say goodbye to the New Nintendo 3DS

It feels like just yesterday we were puzzled by your name. With the New 2DS XL on the horizon, stereoscopic 3D will now be a deluxe feature only available on the larger New 3DS XL.


Nintendo’s announcement that they’re ending the production line for the New 3DS doesn’t come with much fanfare. We’ve reached out to Nintendo and will update this post after receiving a response.

No New 3DS means no more custom faceplates either


If there’s one thing Nintendo knows how to do, it’s milk money out of its customers by offering new colors. Owners of the New 3DS had one big advantage over their XL-touting counterparts: swappable faceplates. Waste of money? Potentially. But you’re lying to yourself if you think that wood one doesn’t look amazing.

As does the Monster Hunter faceplate.


Saying adios to Nintendo’s best customization option for a handheld will be tough, but at least we can look forward to spending $80 over and over again for colored Switch controllers.

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