‘Game of Thrones’ fans: Never forget Arya Stark played ‘Super Mario’ on NES with a bunch of teens


With Game of Thrones returning Sunday, winter is nearly here. But when it’s not wartime in Westeros, you can find Arya Stark in a snapback behind an NES controller.

Three years ago, the Teens React YouTube series blessed us with this footage of teenagers playing the original Nintendo Entertainment System from 1985 — not to be confused with 2016’s NES Classic.

So how did Arya Stark portrayer Maisie Williams fare against Nintendo’s original home console? Let’s just say middle fingers start flying at 3:10.

When Game of Thrones meets Super Mario, confusion ensues

While Arya Stark can best opponents in a sword fight while blind, Maisie Williams has less luck conquering the beast of a console that is the NES. Though at least she is able to beat World 1-1 of Super Mario Bros., unlike that one kid.

Looking back, there’s a lot to laugh at about the original NES: The graphics are basic, the game cartridges’ physical size is laughable and the controller is pretty damn uncomfortable (it’s literally a block with buttons). But here we are, in 2017, still talking about. The VCR-sized box somehow still works, and the games are ancient but fun. They even made Nintendo a truckload of cash last holiday season.

Teens React/YouTube

Arya Stark has shown she can handle Super Mario Bros. and avoid death in Game of Thrones. Though let’s see her successfully put in an SNES Classic preorder; then we’ll really be impressed.

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