Fox News and CBS call NH for Obama


The most recent poll from WMUR/UNH has the race for president between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama tied at 47%. The Real Clear Politics average of polls gives the president a 1.5% edge.

Romney owns a home in New Hampshire. But home field advantage hasn't helped him much in Michigan or Massachusetts. 

The state went to President Obama over McCain in 2008 by a margin of nearly 10%, even though many considered it to be too close to call going into the election. This tiny state could ultimately hold the key to the White House. Al Gore found this out in 2000. Had 7,000 more New Hampshire residents voted for him, he would have been sworn into office in 2001 instead of George W. Bush. 

The state also has a distinct libertarian bent. As such, the Libertarian Party candidate, Gary Johnson, may play a role in the outcome. Some polls have him at 1 to 2 percent in New Hampshire. 

Races for the governor's office and the two House seats remain hotly contested, within the margin of error in most polls. 

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9:42- Thanks to Chris Altchek- CBS has now called NH for Obama. 

9:34- Only 16% counted in NH. Obama 55%, Romney 44%. 

9:26- Wisconsin has now been called w/ less than 1% counted.  Again, this shows the exit polling had Obama w/ a big lead.  If they're not even competitive in Wisconsin or Pennsylvania, I find it hard to believe Romney is going to win VA, FL and OH.  

9:22- Pennsylvania called for Obama w/ just 7% in.  Not good for Romney.  Clearly, the exit poll was largely in Obama's favor. FL, VA, OH, NH all too close to call.  Seems like the poll numbers going in were pretty spot on. 

9:00- In a shocker, New York goes for Obama.  He also gets Michigan.  I guess giving those union workers all of our tax dollars paid off in the end. $30 billion tab at last count. 

8:29- Well, the "Brain", Karl Rove was just on FoxNews.  He was all smiles based upon some results from VA, FL and OH.  Apparently, in FL it's neck and neck, but the crucial issue is that most of the count to this point includes the early votes, which everyone expected to be very pro-Obama. Rove also pointed to higher turnout in GOP strongholds in OH and VA. 

8:26- With 4.7% reporting, Obama 65%, Romney 34% and Johnson 1.1%.

8:20- Here's some exit poll data from NH. 6 in 10 listed the economy as their most important issue, with no other issue even coming close. Only 20% of voters said their family's situation is better today than four years ago.  30% said choosing someone who shares their values was the most important quality.  A majority believed gov't is doing too many things better left to businesses and individuals (There is hope).  But voters were split on Obamacare (Maybe not). 

8:15- I am watching FoxNews coverage.  Seems like they think things aren't going their way. More young voters showing up, fewer whites.  Hurricane Sandy seems to be a positive for Obama.  Not sure why making a few phone calls and walking around devastation would garner voter enthusiasm.  But, it seems to have helped Obama. 

8:00- With little more than 1% reporting, Obama leads 74% to 24%, with Johnson bringing in 1.6%. 

7:20- Polls have closed in NH.  With one percent reporting, Obama leads Romney 65% to 33%.

5:05 p.m.- Reason.TV is reporting Gary Johnson got 4.5% of the vote from the tiny villages of Hart's Location and Dixville Notch: 2 out of the 44 cast.  FYI- Obama led with 28 votes, Romney had 14.

5:00 p.m.- High turnout reported throughout the Granite State. Polls close at 7:00 p.m. Eastern.